Saturday, May 15, 2010

Quarter Life Crisis Countdown: Food I Want to Eat When I Visit San Francisco

I'm posting a list of 25 items each day leading up to my birthday at the end of the month to celebrate 25 years of gathered wisdom and useless information.

If I wanted to grab a bite to eat at all my favorite food stops during a visit to San Francisco, I'd probably just have to move back there. My friend Clark asked me for this list a while ago. So here you are—long overdue—some places (and their best offerings) on my SF food-lover's shortlist:

1. Xiao Long Bao at Shanghai Noodle House
2. Tofu sandwich at Little Vietnam Cafe
3. Fried pumpkin at Ploy II Thai Cuisine
4. Egg puffs and Thai iced tea with tapioca or fresh watermelon juice at Genki
5. Cold sesame soba noodles at Mifune
6. Indian-style pizza at Zante
7.  A mixed platter (complete with spongy injera bread) at Assab Eritrean Cuisine
8. Ceviche, fried yuccas with salsa huancaina, chupe de camarones, and a pisco sour at La Mar
9. Pasta at Vivande (R.I.P.)
10. Deep dish pizza at Little Star Pizza
11. Thin crust pizza at Pizzetta 211
12. Whatever they tell me to get at House of Nanking
13. Mac 'n' cheese and birthday cake from DeLessio Market
14. Eggs Benedict and a mimosa at Zazie
15. Fried peach hand-pie from From Hollow Farm
16. Bonbolones (filled with raspberry jam, vanilla custard, or Nutella) at I Preferiti di Boriana
17. Seafood chowder and coconut cream pie from Cafe Maritime
18. Oysters at Hog Island Oyster Co
19. Lobster Roll at Woodhouse Fish Co.
20. A glass of red at Blush, a glass of white at Wine Bar, and a flute of champagne at EOS Wine Bar
21. Oolong tea tasting at Aroma
22. Traditional tea service at Lovejoy's
23. Untraditional tea service at Samovar
24. Carnitas taco from La Taqueria
25. Lucuma ice cream from Mitchell's
26. Salted caramel ice cream from Bi-Rite Creamery & Bakeshop
27. Truffled chevre, aloe juice with wheat grass, and those naughty little locally made shortbread-caramel-chocolate bars with a name that escapes me right now at Bi-Rite Grocery
28. Banana milkshake from Whiz Burger
29. Milk chocolate milkshake from Bittersweet
30. The roasted veggie platter and accompanying dips at Herbivore
31. Tuesday shredded Mediterranean chicken sandwich, dolma, hummus, and a sesame cookie at Twilight Cafe
32. Hot chocolate with marshmallows from Recchiuti Chocolatier
33. Shortbread and meringues from Miette
34. Burger at Q Restaurant and Wine Bar
35. Pancakes at Toast
36. A samosa and mango chicken noodles or fish chowder with fresh coconut juice at Yamo
37. Late night french fries or charcuterie plate and pint of Thunderpussy from Magnolia Gastropub and Brewery
38. Cowgirl Creamery Redhawk cheese to go with my
39. Ciabbata from Acme Bread
40. Tamales from the Tamale Lady to go with my Anchor Steam at Zeitgeist
41. Spaetzle at Suppenkuche
42. A morning gougere or 5 p.m. olive bread from Tartine
43. Pupusas from El Zocalo
44. Falafel pita from Good Frickin' Chicken
45. Plato tipico at Balompie Cafe
46. Cafe mocha from Blue Bottle Coffee Co
47. Tamarind prawns at Mangosteen
48. Wild boar sausage at Rosamunde Sausage Grill
49. Bay Area beignet and deviled eggs at The Elite Cafe
50. Bar nuts and a Southern Exposure at The Alembic

Ok, so I went over 25 items this time. That ought to keep you busy for a little while, Clark...


Susan said...

have you personally tried all of these items? Yeowsah!

Lulu McAllister said...

Yes, yes I am. Many of them I've tried multiple times.