Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lulu's User-Friendly Guide to: Air Sex

Air guitar? Boring. Anyone can pick up an invisible Les Paul and crank out a few unchallenged power chords. I mean, the music’s already there – you really just go along for a little self-indulgent ride. Where’s the room for criticism in that?

On the other hand, picking up an invisible lover and finessing your way into his or her “bedroom” – now that is a different story. No doubt, making love to thin air is a skill, one that not all “air sex” proponents and performers have necessarily mastered.

As the name suggests, air sex is what you call it when an individual simulates sexual activity with an invisible partner. A group of bored, unsatisfied Japanese men are reported to have shaped the would-be private activity into an official music-driven, formally judged performance art competition in 2006. Some of the men’s moves leave me wondering what the receiving end would look like, were she more than just oxygen (and nitrogen and carbon dioxide). It would seem that sex is truly no holds barred when you are dancing with yourself in front of a group of indiscriminate, enthusiastic observers.

It didn’t take long for this bizarre pastime to trickle into the U.S., where it arrived stateside as an elaborately choreographed, straight-to-YouTube spectacular by a group of creative high school romeos with a thing for one very special ottoman…

…and was later adopted by Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse in 2007 as an official competition that would go on to sweep the country, one dry hump at a time.

Tonight, the Air Sex World Championship 2009 Tour is making a stop at one of my favorite San Diego venues, The Casbah. This is a notably small space for what is likely to be a sweaty, highly gesticular affair, so I have high hopes for an inspiring evening. If I’m lucky, I’ll pick up a few pointers… and maybe a date?


I'm still recovering from that experience. Here are a few glimpses of my favorite moments from the San Diego Air Sex Championships:

Air Sex "F*** Off" Final Round Qualifier
Not Explicit, but EffectivePretty Frat BoySlap Happy

And a clip of my favorite routine (not really air sex -- more robotic bedroom dancing):

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Behold the Cream Queenz

I've landed in San Diego for the summer. Now what? In addition to taking care of Miss Lucille...

I'm now part of an ice cream sandwich cart venture called The Cream Queenz.

Queen Chelsea with the Creme Anglaise

Pouring our first test batch of vanilla into the small mixer.

You spin me right round, Baby, right round...

Soft stage... Ready for the freezer.

...and into the freezer.

Time to do the ice cream dance while we wait for it to freeze!