Friday, July 08, 2005

Doors leading into the Embassy residence, where could find tables of hors d'heuvres. Posted by Picasa

Even the Eurodisney band showed up to give the party a little fourth of July Jingle Jangle Posted by Picasa

Ambassador Stapleton seeks shelter from the rain with the help of a friend Posted by Picasa

Flags fly for the Fourth Posted by Picasa

Andrew proudly displays his strawberry platter. mmm! Posted by Picasa

A pastry chef dishes up strawberry plates and other goodies Posted by Picasa

Gentle conversation and cocktails Posted by Picasa

Bailey, Andrew, Ben, and laday-friend at the Embassy Fourth of July party. Posted by Picasa

Chris abandons the lounge party to momentarily address the needs of another hotel guest Posted by Picasa

Cherries and cigarettes Posted by Picasa

Chris enjoys some rice wine with Yamada Suzuki-San. Posted by Picasa

il est un canon... as well as a concierge Posted by Picasa

Christopher Cassavetti, good fellow Posted by Picasa

a dimly lit scene with Ben Stapleton and Lulu at the Hotel Costes Posted by Picasa

radiant... like the flowers Posted by Picasa

Jardin du Luxembourg Posted by Picasa

Breakfast in bed Posted by Picasa

Our room at Hotel du Pantheon Posted by Picasa

extreme close-up Posted by Picasa

Everyone's a model these days... Posted by Picasa

Drunken taxi pictures- always good Posted by Picasa

Bailey and Andrew at Buddha Bar Posted by Picasa

Second-Cousin Andrew and I at the fashionable Buddha Bar in Paris Posted by Picasa

Pantheon 2 Posted by Picasa

Pantheon 1 Posted by Picasa