Monday, March 31, 2008

Standing room only at Other Cinema.

Me and a few friends came to the Mission to the Other Cinema for's official launch party and film screening. My "Fungus Among Us" film along with some other great shorts (some which inspired group sing alongs) played to a full house! To see more check out David Silver's Flickr photos of the event.


david silver said...

that was an awesome evening.

not only was it a full house - folks were standing in the back, sitting on the stairs, and squating in the aisles.

FUNGUS AMONG US was excellent, lulu, and it sure is exciting to see USF work being shown in the city. congratulations to you and your crew.

kq said...

there was so much i loved about your film.

i loved the mushroom man and his kit: i am so covetous of that knife/brush combo.

i loved the musical interlude as we came from stand of trees to see all those dudes playing instruments.

i loved the cooking sequence.

i loved it when who spotted the trumpets -- it was the silvery trumpets that you spotted, wasn't it lulu?

anyway...the evening at ATA was special and all the more so because i had the privilege and honor to have met you, one of the filmmakers before the show.

Lulu McAllister said...


Kelly, yes... I spotted the Black Trumpets and, later, a few California Chanterelles. Mmm mmm mm!

Thanks for coming to the screening.