Saturday, March 15, 2008

Getting Mom & Dad to Blog

So, I've been trying to convince my parents to start blogging. My dad already spends a lot of time on the computer (doing...?), so I figure this would be a natural move for him to set up a Blog. My mom also spends a lot of time on the computer, but less time socializing over the Internet. For her, it's more about uploading photos and reading articles online.

I tried to sell them on the idea of blogging over dinner tonight. I mentioned that they could share photos with me and my sister, Bailey, like they already do through e-mail. The difference would be that we wouldn't have to save the e-mail to access the information. It would be up as long as they wanted it.

I told my dad that he could post his thoughts on what's happening in the sports world and read comments from other sports fans. I suggested that my mom could update me on her vegetable garden with photos and explanations. I'm sure that there are plenty of gardeners out there who would like to chat with mom about the troubles of growing vegetables. My mom seemed excited. She asked if she could do the blog from the perspective of our dog, Lucy

Sure, why not? 

My dad remained skeptical, so I showed him my blog for the first time (Hi, Dad!). I hope that seeing his daughter in the blogosphere will inspire him to take the plunge -- even if it means countless posts about sports happenings that I won't understand. 

Gardening, sports, Lucy... anything works for me. I'd just be happy to have another way to keep up with two of the most important people in my life.


david silver said...

what a great idea - and excellent suggestions to get them started!

garden blogs are the coolest because the blog, like the garden, grows over time.

and sports blogging is practically a sport onto itself - sports blogging one of the most active segments of the blogosphere.

nice pics of lucy.


Lulu McAllister said...

Yeah, I finally fixed the blog titles... for some reason they were being instantly translated into Hindu for a little while, but I fixed that too.

I think tonight we will launch "Lucy's" blog... we'll see how that goes...


Sara said...

Please send us all a link to Lucy's blog! A dog's blog would be cool to begin with, and it is made even cooler by the fact that your mom will be authoring it.

Ivan Chew said...

Yours is the only example I've come across so far, where (1) the younger blogger is actively encouraging his/ her parents to blog, and (2) at least one parent has successfully done so (*waves* to Miss Lucille).

Lulu McAllister said...

Now I just have to see if we can keep it going!