Friday, March 07, 2008

My good friend Elizabeth Carroll has become a local talking head on San Francisco Public Access television! Here we are watching the Academy Awards. From left to right: Sky Madden, Sam Culk, and Liz, before she became a star.

Here is a clip of Liz's debut on a show called SF Live. The subject is a documentary film, "King Corn", and her guests are from an organic garden organization in the city:

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"It was my first one, so I'm a little nervous, but hopefully you can't tell!" She said.

No, Liz. Aside from your generally professional tone of voice, it feels like we're just hanging out in the living room, you know, talking about organic farming like we always do.

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Elizabeth said...

you are a gem. that was so cute of you! thanks for the shout-out love.