Monday, November 22, 2010

25 Things I'm Thankful for (for which I'm thankful, yeah yeah)

I figure this is a particularly choice time to express my gratitude for some luxuries and creature comforts: agua potable, a roof over my head, freedom of speech, blah blah blah... I think you could have guessed those. In no particular order, a few more to consider:
  1. what's left of my waning metabolism
  2. yoga
  3. chocolate
  4. funny, creative friends
  5. dogs
  6. commercial airlines
  7. literacy
  8. the nose as an alternative to the mouth for breathing
  9. car seat heaters
  10. chapstick
  11. free, fast WiFi (when available)
  12. music I can dance to
  13. The small, cheap rotating fan I purchased from Bed, Bath, and Beyond (with their 20% off mailer coupon, naturally) that I aimed at my face all summer
  14. The Postal Service (not the band)
  15. sex
  16. parking meters that now accept debit/credit cards
  17. Duran Duran (um, have you listened to "Ordinary World" lately?)
  18. efficient public transportation
  19. my cameras… also, that Eastern European website that sells the 127 film I need for my old-school Brownie Holiday
  20. warm, ambient light sources
  21. dental floss
  22. Hazelpoint
  23. my unexpectedly green thumb
  24. cheap sunglasses
  25. attractive, comfortable shoes (well, really any attractive, comfortable clothing item)
  26. life, however long or confusing it ends up being

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