Friday, November 05, 2010

25 People (and Some Couples) I Want to Sit Next to at My Fantasy Thanksgiving

Do you ever wish you could throw a few unexpected faces into the mix at Thanksgiving? I'd tack on additional place settings for the following folks:
  1. Eileen Troberman
  2. Christopher Walken
  3. Dave Barry
  4. Teresa Moore
  5. Ellen Page
  6. Paula Deen
  7. Tom Robbins
  8. Debbie Harry
  9. David Byrne
  10. Both Yip-Yip Aliens
  11. Paul Rudd (thanks, Em)
  12. Bill Murray
  13. Joelle Franklin
  14. Ellen DeGeneres
  15. Gavin Newsom (no politics, though)
  16. Natasha Khan
  17. Rachel Crawford
  18. Wayne and Garth (or maybe just Alana Ault)
  19. Lady Gaga (see Ellen DeGeneres link)
  20. Gordon Hull
  21. Weird Al Yankovic
  22. Ron Carroll
  23. Busta Rhymes
  24. Woody Allen
  25. Susan W. Humphreys

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