Monday, December 27, 2010

25 Reasons to Give Dallas a Chance

Dallas has a lot of haters (outside of Dallas, that is). Austinites rarely have good things to say about the place (including even those originally from Dallas); folks from out of state often misunderstand the city. I admit that, before I visited Dallas last month to write an article on a smaller adjacent town, my own foggy impression of it involved a spangled cowboy boot and big hair. 

Certainly, that stereotype exists there. One only need travel slightly north of the downtown to find the manicured landscaping, terra cotta shopping centers combining local grocers and Hermes, diamond chandelier earrings worn casually with jeans and boots, and hood ornaments you could hang on a Christmas tree. But there is also the opportunity to take in art, high and low, and eat well in a number of ways. 

Thus, I present a list of things to like about Dallas:

2. Dutch modern artist Claes Oldernburg's Corridor Pin, Blue, 1999 in Center Park
17. Make
19.  Green Pet
20. Tei-An
22. Paciugo 

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