Wednesday, August 04, 2010

25 Addictions

So many people have commented to me lately about my collection of lists counting down to my 25th birthday, that I feel inspired to continue them.

Thus, I bring you a list of addictive things. I was thinking earlier in the week about how broad the idea of addiction is— and how curious some addictions are! I may be addicted to one or more of the things on this list, but you'll just have to guess on your own which ones ; )

1. Chocolate
2. World of Warcraft
3. Cocaine
4. Texting
5. Cosmetic Surgery
6. Gossip
7. Xanax
8. Spicy food
9. Sex (let's just lump porn, another one, in with that category)
10. Shoes
11. Cigarettes
12. Slot machines
13. Alcohol
14. Stress
15. Shopping
16. Heroin
17. Power
18. Lady Gaga
19. LOST
20. Coffee
21. Running
22. Tattoos
23. Noise
24. The Internet
25. Chapstick

Am I missing anything?


Anonymous said...

I like your lists Lulu. I would include internet, blogs, facebook.

-Jackie M.

Anonymous said...

Ok I clearly missed that internet was already on there.

Magazines...I'm definitely addicted to those.


Miss Lucille said...

I would add gardening, and children. Definitely children. :>)

Lulu McAllister said...

@Jackie: Yeah, pretty guilty of all those...
@Miss Lucille: Yeah, children is a strange one I forgot. Shall I also add garbage and rolling in dead things?