Friday, March 27, 2009

XLR8R SXSW Musical Impressions

One of my SWSX articles (written in collaboration with festival cohort and managing editor, Ken Taylor) is now up on the XLR8R website. Check it out to read my impressions of some of the bands that played during the week. What follows is a blurb about a noise rock band called HEALTH, from Los Angeles, that didn't make it into the final article because we didn't have a picture for it. Fortunately, I found a video of the show on YouTube that captures the experience pretty well. You might enjoy it if the camerawork doesn't make you sick first.

Where: The Mohawk

I was thrilled to secure a spot near the front for HEALTH’s Saturday show at the Mohawk until the first atomic blast of the band’s sound check made me realize that I was probably soon to lose whatever was left of my hearing. Whatever, it was kind of worth it. Through polyrhythmic guitars, edgy synths, and turns of taiko-style drumming, the performance found that difficult but satisfying place between sex and violence. While my left ear bled, I watched three of the four band members manhandle their taped-up guitars (each working with about five feet of pedals). The lead singer, who crooned delicately into one mic and abused a second, was sweating by the end of the first song. And so was I.

You can check out the rest of the blurbs here.

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