Sunday, December 07, 2008

LA, M83 and YTC

So, is this pretty neat blog run by a couple of LA kids that features fans talking about their favorite bands before or after they see them live. Since one of my favorite bands (electro-shoegaze Frenchies M83) was playing in in LA at the Henry Fonda Theater while I was home in San Diego for Thanksgiving break, I just had to make the trip up to see them. Leaving the show, these guys approached me for my opinion (in addition to a number of other concert-goers, including British DJ Adam Freeland). Check it out:

Maybe I'll do something similar in San Francisco? Everyone knows we have better music here... ; )


lissle said...

im in to help.

Lulu McAllister said...

Dude, I will definitely let you know. I'm sure I'll be going to more than a few shows as is -- maybe we can do a test run next "semester"? I guess I should probably start saying "next year" or "in the coming months" now... haha

Miss Lucille said...

Hey cool interview, but I really like that scarf!
YBF (or close to it, anyway)