Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bay to Breakers... Sort Of.

So, I didn't make it to Bay to Breakers today because I was stuck in the dorm dealing with this:

Accumulation of Matter Outside Dorm

I helped close USF's Fromm Hall for the summer. Many students discovered they had more things than they intitially thought!

Fortunately, later that evening I did spot a few lingering "runners" ordering some grub at Farolito Taqueria in the Mission, where I was enjoying a horchata and Quesadilla Suiza Especial (that's with melted cheese, avocado, salsa, and my choice of meat -- make mine carnitas, hold the sour cream) with Sky.

Fish Have to Eat, Too!
It's a pair of the famous Bay to Breakers salmon! 

Bay to Breakers - May 2007
Originally uploaded by Angie Ryan

Every year a group of "salmon" run the race the opposite way, like salmon heading upstream -- ya dig? 

Watching a salmon wolf down a burrito at the end of the long day made me feel better about missing out on one of our city's most exciting traditions.

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