Thursday, April 03, 2008

Behind the Scenes with Kevin Epps

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Media maker Kevin Epps comes from a community that "doesn't really have a voice," he said during a lecture for the Davies Forum this week. The socially active San Franciscan helped give it one when he made his 2005 movie, "Straight Outta Hunter's Point".

Since then, Epps has continued his work in the area activism in urban communities using a variety of media ranging from digital film to podcasting. "I like new media because it gives me a voice, too," he said. "Things pop up on YouTube and shift the conversation."

One of his primary concerns is bridging the digital divide for members of his community, but not having access to the latest technology and education make this difficult. "Everything is based on speed," Epps said. "There's not many brothers who can hang out with Google, so it's up to me to connect the dots," he laughed.

Epps is currently working on a number of projects, he says. One of these is film about inmates at Alcatraz that he hopes to show there next February as part of Black History Month. Another project will involve its subjects in a "hood exchange": kids from Brooklyn and Hunter's Point will trade places to experience life from another perspective.

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